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Strauss WaterBar Strauss WaterBar
A display of sleek water purifiers that bring about a bit of luxury for any counter top

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Enjoy filtered water knowing that you are saving money and the environment by reducing the need for water bottles

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Hot and cold in an instant. Learn more about all the cool features that make your water drinking experience easy, simple and fun.

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The average family throws out 400-600 bottles per year. Reduce waste by going plastic-less. Learn more about how to save your money and the environment.

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The WHO recommends drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. Find out why the Strauss WaterBar makes drinking water more fun.

Strauss Water: Simple. Beautiful. Water’s Next Wave

Welcome to water’s next wave. Clean, sustainable and unlimited, the Strauss WaterBar is your source for pure, great-tasting water at the touch of a button. Enjoy stylish selection, effortless set-up and maintenance and personalized features with contemporary counter top water purifiers from Strauss Water.

No Hassle, No Waste, Just Great Tasting Water

Welcome to a world of all-inclusive, unlimited water filtration and purification systemscreated with simplicity, function and sustainability in mind. Strauss Water’s breakthrough triple-filtration and purification technology, partnered with handsome, sustainable design, equals an elegant multipurpose appliance for today’s household.

Great Water with Personality to Match: WaterBar by Strauss Water

The newest innovation in drinking water, the WaterBar is the water filtration and purification system customized to fit your world. Available in a variety of stylish colours and two polished yet practical designs, the WaterBar’s features provide boundless style and elegance, along with personalization that is unsurpassed.

Break free fromplastic water bottles, limited supply, bulky refrigerator pitchers and monthly filter changes and imagine access to anever-ending supply of pristine, great-tasting water for only about $1 a day.

Enjoy the exclusive, stylish Strauss WaterBar’s innovative features:

  • Water filter and water purifier in one
  • Cold or boiling water always on tap
  • Energy saving mode & personalized dual auto wake -up
  • State-of-the-art triple filtration and purification system
  • Sleek contemporary design and stylish line of colours to suit any home or office
  • Pre-program your desired water temperature and cup size
  • Environmentally sustainable technology
  • Space-saving bottleless water cooler & heater in one
  • The perfect cup of tea or coffee is at your fingertips– clean, fresh, chlorine-free water means better taste!
  • Makes staying hydrated for healthsimple, convenient and fun
  • 99% of bacteria is eliminated with our innovative UV water purification system
  • Water filtersonly need to be replaced every 6 months and UV lamps once a year.We send them right to your door!

Strauss Water for Quality, Convenience and Service

Avoid guesswork and leave uncertainty behind. Strauss Water's professional technicians are certified to properly install and maintain your WaterBar unit.

The Strauss WaterBar is a countertop water filtration and purification unit that is hooked up to a main water line, allowing for an unlimited supply of clean, great-tasting water. Each WaterBar needs to be professionally installed as it must be connected to a water source– usually people connect to the pipes under the kitchen sink but it can be connected at just about any access point up to 20m away.

One of our professional installers will come to your home or business (at the date and time that is most convenient for you) and help you identify the optimal place for your Strauss WaterBar. Depending on the space, they will likely have to drill a small hole (about the size of a pencil eraser) through a countertop, cupboard or backsplash in order to run a small hose to the unit. Upon completion, the installer will show you how to use the unit before helping you personalize your experience byprogramming it to your ideal temperature and cup size.

Our superior customer service extends beyond installation. Our Customer Care Centre is here to answer your questions by phone, Live Chator through our online form.Customer Care Experts are available for on-site replacement service and to troubleshoot for worry free maintenance.

Enjoy uninterrupted access to pure, tasty and perfectly chilled (or heated) waterwithout the hassle. We take care of everything –you’ll never need to request a new filter or UV lamp. Easy-to-use replacement water filters are delivered to your door automatically every six months; while efficient, long-lasting UV lamps only need changing annually (we send you those too).We make sure you have everything needed for your WaterBar’s simple upkeep in order to preserve top quality, performance and taste.

Unlimited Purified Water for About $1 a Day

For less than the price of typical bottled water, you can experience the fresh, pure taste of Strauss Water at your home, office or cottage. Easily dispensed into cups, glasses, thermoses, pots or pitchers, pristine cold, tepid or boiling water can be enjoyed at home or taken with you for a refreshing chilled or hot beverage on the go.

Strauss Water Means Innovation and Choice

Same great features, two beautiful designs to suit your personal style. Contemporary, elegant and compact, Strauss WaterBars come in two models – T6 & T7 – each boasting modern a silhouette. Designed with functionality and simplicity in mind, both units make drinking water fun and easy for the entire family (or office) to use.

Not your traditional water cooler, the Strauss WaterBar allows you to personalize your experience. With programmable settings and an array of colours to choose from, including red, blue, black, silver, cream and white, this stylish appliance will integrate seamlessly into any environment.

Not only easy on the eyes, the Strauss WaterBar is a water purification and filtration system that was built with utility and versatility in mind. No more waiting for water to boil or cool, the WaterBar allows you make your own revitalizing spa waters, soups, teas and better tasting coffees to savour at home, work, at the cottage or at the gym in just minutes. Water readily available in three temperatures and a tray that flips up toallow forfillingpots and pitchers makes cooking and serving directly from the WaterBar a breeze.

Customize your Strauss WaterBar

Water–on your schedule.

Strauss WaterBars can be pre-set with your favourite temperature and cup or glass sizes – guaranteeing the perfect pour every time. Customize settings for when you have your first cup of coffee in the morning. Different schedules at home? Two wake-up times can be personalized on so everyone can rise and shine to the smell of fresh coffee.

Have little ones at home? A child-friendly hot water safety lock can be engaged to protect tiny hands.

Clean Water for Optimum Health

Enjoy the benefits of our unparalleled water filter system and enjoy more out of life.

Optimal health requires 6-8 glasses of water a day. With WaterBar water purifiers, fresh, clean water is available at all times to you, your family and for your pets.

Even milddehydration can negatively affect your energy and mood.Why miss out on feeling your best when you can have unlimited, great tasting water in an instant?

Whether hiking, jogging, cycling or driving, bring your WaterBar water, dispensed into a travel thermos or canteen,on the road with you. A bottleless water cooler, purifier, filter and heater all in one, the Strauss WaterBar offers quality and convenience for your active lifestyle.

Healthier, Safer Water by your Strauss WaterBar.

  • 99% of bacteria are neutralized with our unique UV water filter treatment, but all essential minerals are left for your optimum health. The UV water treatment element is enclosed with no danger of exposure.
  • The Strauss WaterBar’s hot water tank is made of polypropylene, a material that does not leach harmful Bisphenol A (BPA) into your drinking water.

An Innovative Water Filter for a Clean, Fresh Taste

This is the (R)evolution of water.

Strauss WaterBars implement a triple water filtration and purification process that combines an activated carbon filter, a 2-micron mesh filter and ultra violet light to deliver safe, great tasting water.

The water filters can be credited for removing particles and impurities as well as absorbing 99.9% of the chlorine that can be (at least partly) blamed for impairing the taste of drinks; while Strauss Water’s advanced UV water treatmentkills 99.9% of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. What is left is water that is free of chemical contaminants, chlorine, bad tastes and odours, all the while maintaining essential mineral elements including calcium and magnesium.

Our unique triple water purification andfiltration system technology is EPA certified.

No Strings Attached Water Filter Subscription Service

Strauss Water delivers uninterrupted access to fresh, clean drinking waterin your home or office for about $1 a day.

Your WaterBar can be installed anywhere within 2-meters of an electrical socket and 20-meters of the main water supply line. Ensure safety and warranty with certified Strauss Water installation and technical maintenance.

Strauss Water, a global leader for over 40-years in the delivery of purified drinking water to millions worldwide, is now in Canada, currently serving residents of Ontario and Quebec.

Make unlimited a reality. Full lifetime warranty.No contract, monthly billing. Pure filtered quality, convenience and choice–all for about $1 a day.

Save With Strauss Water

Save time, money and energy. The Strauss WaterBar, at only about $ 1 a day, adds up to long-term savings. You will never need to purchase bottled water for clean, fresh tasting water again.

For optimum filtered taste, our filters only need changing every six months.You save on the monthly purchase of carbon filters required for decanter water filter systems.So save that space in your refrigerator—cold water is available at the touch of a button, no chill time required.

Clean Water With a Conscience

Water is nature’s most precious resource. Enjoy it naturally, without the plastic waste. Countless water bottles are disposed of everyday, oftenbecoming needless landfill.

Environmentally sustainable Strauss WaterBar– the ultimate unlimited, bottleless water cooler for work and home– eliminates plastic waste and powers down for efficiencywith sleep and wake modes. Instant boiling water at the touch of a button means using less energy than traditional kettles.

Why pay by the bottle when you can join Water’s Next Wave for a healthy, more sustainable future?

Our Promise to You

We believe that everyone has the right to clean, safe drinking water.
This is our commitment to you.

Strauss Water is proud to offer a full lifetime warranty on our WaterBar products. Should you experience any problems with your Strauss WaterBar, one of our certified professional technicians will repair or replace the unit at no cost.

Our 30-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means we will provide a complete refund if you are not completely satisfied with your WaterBar.

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