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Strauss Water Discover Us (Who we are, What we do & Our promise)


Who We Are

Water is the most essential element – the source of life. No matter who we are or where we live, water is crucial to our existence and to our quality of life. At Strauss Water we believe that everyone has a fundamental right to clean, safe drinking water. It is this unflinching belief that propels our desire to find new ways to ensure that Strauss Water customers have a constant supply of top quality water and an exciting user experience. 


What We Do

With 40 years of water purification expertise, Strauss Water is a global leader in the field, setting new standards in drinking water quality, taste and convenience of use. We are committed to improving people’s quality of life, at home and at the office, by improving their quality of water and their water experience, while ensuring the environmental sustainability of our daily water supply. 

Our WaterBars and Built-in filter systems offer an intelligent and cost-efficient solution to three serious problems: the negative health impact of drinking impure water, the high cost and inconvenience of bottled water and other filter solutions, and the environmental waste created by plastic bottles. Strauss Water filtration systems are sold around the globe and used by millions of people daily at home and work. 


Our Promise 

We promise to create wonders out of water and improve people’s lives – a commitment to our customers that strengthens our desire to build and sustain long-lasting relationships so we can make sure you always have great tasting (hot and cold) water that meets your, and your family’s, daily drinking water needs.

Our business is built on making sure you have an uninterrupted access to pure, tasty and perfectly chilled (or heated) water without having to deal with the hassles and complications of other water delivery services. Be the first to enjoy the newest way to drink water. 

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