Mike Holmes Jr. Partners With Strauss Water Canada To Promote Healthy Homes And Lifestyles

By Strauss Water Canada
March 22, 2016

Partnership supports healthier lifestyles and sustainable living environments

Strauss Water Canada is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Mike Holmes Jr.—son of trusted contractor, Mike Holmes—to bring awareness to their revolutionary drinking water filtration systems as part of a Healthy Home package, which aims to support healthier lifestyles and living environments.

With World Water Day on March 22nd the partnership comes at a time when global awareness on various water issues will be brought to the forefront of public attention. Mike Holmes Jr. will be taking on a 30-day pledge/challenge through social media to stop buying plastic bottles until Earth Day (April 22).

“The environment and our resources have always been really important to me. My dad is all about building right, but the idea behind that is that building right leads to better, healthier living. That’s why we build right,” states Mike Holmes Jr. “I want to focus more on the bigger picture, and how different things can affect your overall health—from the right products we should be using in the basement to prevent mould, to the right water systems in your home to make sure you are healthy on the inside, too.”

The Strauss WaterBar is a compact countertop water filtration and purification unit that is directly hooked up to a home or office main water supply, dispensing an unlimited supply of purified filtered water, hot or cold, at the touch of a button. The WaterBar is also UV filtered, eliminating 99.99% water-borne bacteria and micro-organisms – taking out the bad and keeping in the good.

Strauss Water Canada’s goal is to change the way Canadians think, drink and live with water by promoting healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable living through top-quality water filtration systems and superior customer service.

“The Strauss WaterBar delivers an unparalleled experience with the world’s most essential natural resource,” said David Amiel Strauss Water Canada President and CEO. “The WHO [World Health Organization] recommends drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. Our goal is to make drinking water a fun and exciting experience for the whole family, helping you and your loved ones consume more water for a healthier lifestyle, without the environmental impact of plastic bottles. We are excited to be part of this Healthy Home initiative and join Mike Jr. in his 30-day bottle-free challenge. Our goal is to continue to impact our community and environment positively throughout our partnership endeavours.”