Productivity and hydration – why your office works better on water

By Strauss Water Canada
June 28, 2017

In a world of performance enhancements, dietary supplements, cognitive stimulation and other mind-expanding techniques, what if the secret to a better, more productive workforce was as simple as adding water?

Dehydration negatively affects a person’s mood, energy level, and ability to think clearly. Clinical studies show that even mild dehydration, just 1 to 2% of body weight, reduces brain function and productivity by as much as 12%.[i]

For a boost in office productivity: just add water

It’s commonly recommended that we should drink around eight glasses (two litres) of water a day. But who does that?

The reality is that most of us often go about our business in a state of mild dehydration. Our brain is 73% water, so even mild dehydration can impede brain function, trigger mood swings and cause afternoon slumps.[ii]

Unfortunately, we don’t have a water storage system in our body the way a camel does. Mere humans have to constantly replenish H2O with water in our diet.[iii]

And at the office, that means consuming bottled water or making more trips to the office water cooler.

Water, nature’s original mood enhancer

Did you know that even mild dehydration can alter a person’s mood in a negative way?[iv]

People who are regularly dehydrated tend to feel sluggish and irritable. Their enthusiasm and ability to perform well at work is diminished, and this can be disconcerting to colleagues.[v]

Sounds like anyone you know? Maybe they’re not taking advantage of the office water cooler as often as they should.

Encouraging staff to drink lots of water throughout the day helps reduce feelings of irritability and promotes a happier, calmer, more productive team.[vi]

Bump up the bottom line by cutting the costs of fatigue

Feeling drained? Maybe you really are. Studies have found that even minor dehydration reduces cognitive performance and working memory, while increasing feelings of tension, anxiety and fatigue.[vii]

A person suffering from fatigue exhibits slowed reflexes, impatience, impaired work skills and reduced efficiency[viii]…strong indicators of the link between office productivity and hydration.

Employees who drink an appropriate amount of water bring more focus, creativity and clarity to the workplace than their dehydrated colleagues.

These quick-thinking, hydrated individuals also have a positive influence on your company’s safety record and contribute to an overall atmosphere of well-being.[ix]

Faster, stronger, better hydrated

Obviously, grumpy people suffering from slowed work skills and fatigue have an adverse effect on productivity. Plus, nobody wants to be around them.

In one study, forest workers who were just 1% dehydrated demonstrated a 12% drop in productivity. Now imagine it’s a really hot day: higher dehydration levels could represent a 20 to 30% reduction in productivity.[x]

On the other hand, water consumption has a positive effect on office productivity

A 2013 study found that drinking a sufficient amount of water could result in a 14% increase in productivity.[xi]

Hydrated employees also maintain stronger immune systems. And stronger immune systems mean fewer sick days, rain or shine.[xii]

Tap into a more productive workforce

Your organization can increase office productivity through hydration. All you have to do is supply your workforce with fresh, great tasting water that is:

• easily accessible,

• convenient,

• within budget.

But here’s the thing. Drinking two litres of water a day using traditional office water coolers and bottled water is impractical and costly, not to mention bad for the environment.By providing your employees with unlimited great tasting purified water, you’re helping them perform their tasks with maximum efficiency, creativity and speed.

The fact that 30% of people would rather go thirsty or drink tap water (yuk!) than change the office water bottle (double yuk!!).

Strauss WaterCare, a pure and simple solution

Strauss WaterCare is committed to eliminating the negative health impact of impure water, the high cost and inconvenience of bottled water, office water coolers and other filter solutions, and the environmental waste created by plastic bottles.

You can bring a whole new drinking experience to your business with Strauss WaterCare: ultra-pure, fresh and great tasting water without plastic water bottles, electric kettles or any inconvenience at all.

The Strauss Contract-Free WaterCare program, which includes the Strauss WaterBar, provides your business with:

• an unlimited supply of purified, filtered water (cold, hot and room temperature) at the touch of a button

• a solution that ensures no more bottles, no more kettles, no more inconvenience associated with office water coolers

• a Lifetime Warranty.

Your employees will not only taste the difference in a glass of water. They will notice a big improvement in the taste of coffee, tea and other drinks.

Clean water with a clear conscience

The breakthrough purification and filtration technologies of the Strauss WaterBars have ushered in a new drinking experience: water that is ultra-pure, fresh and tastes great.

Strauss WaterCare uses a triple filtration and purification system that:

• Removes chlorine, toxins and unpleasant odors

• Uses UV lamp purification to remove 99.9% of bacteria

• Leaves in essential naturally occurring minerals

So go ahead. Raise a glass to productivity and hydration with Strauss WaterCare.

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