The top ten ways to get your team to drink more water

By Strauss Water Canada
August 29, 2017

Hydration at work: What it can mean for your business:

Ever noticed how you sometimes feel sluggish in the afternoon – what’s commonly called the afternoon slump? You feel tired, irritable and you can’t seem to think things through. Part of that is caused by mild dehydration – 1% to 2% of your body weight that evaporates from breathing, perspiration and from consuming diuretic beverages like coffee and energy drinks.

Making sure your team gets enough water is not only important for their wellness, but it can have a very real impact on productivity, creativity and team spirit. But getting your team to drink more water can feel like herding cats. Here are some tips you can share with everyone to get them pointed in the right direction.

  1. 1 - Keep a water bottle handy

    Work water into your day – rituals are an important part of getting more done. A little structure makes things become automatic. So, creating water triggers in your schedule by pairing a glass of water with common activities makes it easier. After 3-4 weeks, the behavior becomes engrained in your schedule and it becomes easy to maintain.

For example, a neat way to help drink more water is to bring a tall glass or a reusable bottle to every meeting you attend. As an added bonus, water helps you focus and maintain your attention while sitting through a lengthy discussion or a tedious budget meeting.

  1. 2 - Size matters

    Take a page from packaged goods manufacturers and big box warehouse stores. It’s common knowledge that bigger containers make you consume more. So grab the biggest glass or reusable bottle you can find (and that’s convenient to carry around – buckets are kind of overkill). Those few extra gulps will go a long way towards reaching your 2-liter daily goal.

  1. 3 - Use an app or calendar

    There are dozens of health and wellness apps that allow you to track your water consumption and schedule reminders throughout the day. Not a fan of apps? Simply use your calendar to set recurring reminders at convenient times throughout the day. Or set a 60-minute timer of an hourly hydration break. Drinking a refreshing glass of water will soon become a no-brainer.

  1. 4 - Add flavor to your water

    If you find the taste of water unappealing, add a dash of flair. Turn your water into a flavorful experience by adding natural flavors to your H2O or infusing it with berries, citrus, mint or a combination of delicious thirst quenching delights. You can flavor ice cubes and add a tasty and refreshing one-two punch to your daily water regimen. 

  1. 5 - Location, location, location

    Keep your water dispenser in a convenient location that everyone can access with minimal effort. In a large office, consider multiple water dispensers strategically located in high traffic areas. No need to stay close to a water source: a Strauss WaterBar can be positioned up to 110 feet away from the nearest plumbing.

  2. 6 - Use a straw

    Some water bottles come equipped with a straw for a very good reason. They help you to drink faster, ingest less air and take bigger gulps. Plus, there’s something soothing about using a straw that takes us back to our childhood.

  1. 7 - Drink tea instead of coffee

    Coffee doesn’t deplete your system, but its diuretic effect makes its hydration neutral: You loose about as much as you drink. So it doesn’t actually contribute to your 2 liters a day. Switch to herbal tea, iced tea and other non-caffeinated beverages to help you stay hydrated and reach your daily quota.

  1. 8 - Refill your glass before putting it down

    Let’s face it, we’re all a bit lazy to some degree. So, an empty glass is likely to remain empty because the effort to fill it seems greater than the reward. We’ll wait until we’re really thirsty before leaving our desk and by then it’s often too late. The effects of mild dehydration have already kicked in.

  1. 9 - Get your water every way you can

    A comforting cup of soup or a bowl of oatmeal in winter, a chilled beverage or a slice of watermelon in summer all count towards your hydration goals. Mix it up to keep it interesting.

  1. 10 - Make drinking water convenient

    A multi-use water dispenser (like the Strauss WaterBar) makes it quick, easy and convenient to drink more water. Look for quick-refill settings and higher flow rate to avoid waiting around when refilling a 1 liter bottle.

Multiple temperature settings mean more ways to consume water without the hassles of kettles and microwaves. Room temperature settings make it more comfortable to quickly down a glass of H2O, particularly for those with sensitive teeth, and is easier on digestion.

So, there you have it. The top ten ways to get your people to drink more water. Want to share your own tips for staying hydrated throughout your hectic day? Visit our Facebook page.

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