Office Water Solutions: Five things you need to know about office filtration systems


Of all the office water solutions, the most efficient, affordable and convenient of them is an office filtration system. These integrated units remove the hassles associated with the traditional office water coolers and dispensers. No more changing bottles, messy cleaning and maintenance, spills and frustration.

Here are five things you need to know about water filtration solutions before you buy or rent an office water filtration system.

1. Get it down on paper

Paper filter cartridges are a common solution to remove chlorine and fluoride as well as some particles from drinking water. But they can only do so much. That’s because the pores of the filter are coarse and let finer contaminants pass through. They are less costly, but only cover the basics. For healthy, great-tasting water, you need a lot more.

2. Charcoal filters are better but have their limitations

These filters beat paper filter cartridges hands down. But for charcoal filters (also known as active carbon filters) to work, all the water must come in contact with the surface of the filter to maximize absorption of the bad stuff.

The greater the contact area, the more substances are removed. With some active carbon water filters, the water passes through unevenly. As a result, not all contaminants, chemicals, bacteria and germs are captured. With others, the flow of the water is engineered to maximize surface area.

3. Multi-stage filters offer greater effectiveness

Multistage filters, like those used in Strauss WaterBar and under-counter units, feature multiple filtration media that combine active carbon with extremely fine micro-mesh to filter out more impurities.

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4. Reverse Osmosis: too much of a good thing?

At the extreme end of the scale, there’s reverse osmosis filtration (often referred to as RO) that uses extremely fine filters. These filters are so fine that they remove not only the contaminants, but also the healthy essential minerals that keep our bodies strong and are responsible in part for water taste. Some RO filtration systems add the minerals back in, and in general, RO systems and their supplies including replacement filters are very costly.

5. Water Filtration and purification are the ultimate one-two punch!

Multi-stage carbon filters remove almost all bacteria and micro-living organisms, but once water leaves the filter, they can still proliferate. That’s why the addition of a UV purification lamp is required to maintain water quality.

The UV lamp zaps the water, disrupting the DNA of unwanted living organisms so they can’t reproduce. That leaves water 99.9% free of bacteria and germs.

So, as you can plainly see, providing convenient, great tasting water for your business isn’t as simple as it appears. The old bottled water cooler is a solution whose time has passed. And with the dizzying array of new office water solutions at your disposal, you need to choose wisely.

Understanding how water filtration and water purification work hand in hand is important to making and informed decision. For more information on Strauss Water filtration technology, click here.

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